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The brooch is back

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If there is one trend we’re delighted to see on the runway this year it’s the long-lost brooch. At last, our lapels can be adorned, our dresses can have an extra touch of decoration and our coats can go from drab to fab in one easy step!

‘’A brooch is its own work of art; a free-floating statue demonstrating a jeweller’s skill and the beauty of design’’, says Sarah Duncan, Head of Jewellery at Chiswick Auctions. “I was thrilled to see them come back with such enthusiasm”. Whilst necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings are all designed to adorn our bodies, a brooch is a unique object in the jewellery world, designed specifically for your clothing. Thus, it’s only fitting that top fashion houses are leading the resurgence. The brooch never really went away, it’s just now we are seeing it in a fresh, youthful light with high street fashion brands selling pins and brooches for the first time in recent memory.
A ruby and diamond double-clip brooch, circa 1950. Estimate: £3,000 - £5,000. Copyright Chiswick Auctions 2017

London Fashion Week, the Hollywood red carpet and last weekend’s Met Gala were all awash with brooches adding extra punch to stunning ensembles. Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Obama, Emma Stone and Olivia Palermo are frequent proponents of the trend.

An emerald, pearl and diamond brooch, circa 1900. Estimate: £1,000-£1,500

Brooches are intrinsically a bit of fun. They can be elegant and dressy, professional or whimsical. They come in a wide range of materials and can be set with just about any type of gemstone. “Throughout the 20th century and much of the 19th century, brooches were a staple of women’s jewellery collections” says Duncan, “so auctions are a wonderful place to find a vintage example with unique design and craftsmanship.” A vintage brooch makes a very personal statement which can transform an outfit. Offered in the Jewellery auction taking place on Tuesday, 9th May at Chiswick Auctions are a number of good examples with estimates ranging from £250 - £300 for an early 20th-century pearl and diamond brooch through to a ruby and diamond double-clip brooch, circa 1950, offered with an estimate of £3,000 - £5,000.

Although our work blazers are already sporting them, we can’t wait for wedding season where our gowns will get an extra boost of sparkle.

An Art Nouveau sapphire brooch, circa 1900. Estimate: £400-£600


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How to bid 

Visiting our saleroom at 1 Colville Road, Chiswick W3 8BL, in person is always an exciting experience but if you can't make it, then you can bid online. For added convenience, you can also request a telephone bid, or indeed leave an absentee/commission bid  prior to the sale.

A pearl and diamond brooch, circa 1905. Estimate: £250-£300


May 4, 2017