Chiswick Physio Free Online Talk On Avoiding Aches And Pains While Working from Home

Helpful hints on avoiding aches
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Are you working from home with an aching neck? Is your lower back sore and stiff? Are you finding it difficult to stand up fully after working all day? Are you getting pain into your arms and legs?

All these aches and pains can be avoided if you follow some simple daily rules while you work from home.

Chiswick Physio is presenting a free 20-minute Zoom talk on Wednesday 6th May at 12:30. This will be followed by a Q and A session to help you and your body. Learn what the best practice is and how to follow it.

Don't continue to suffer. Join Chiswick Physio who will show you ways of reducing your neck and back ache, providing useful tips and ideas to help you while working at home.

Please email Chiswick Physio on and we will send out a meeting invite to join the talk. 




April 25, 2020

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