Devonshire Day Nursery Visits The Convent
Butterflies meet some farm animals

The Butterflies received a very interesting invitation to visit their dear friends at St. Mary’s Convent…

There was a special surprise waiting for the children aged 3 and 4 as we were led through the long corridor to the gardens.

We were greeted by the whole collective of residents sat across the expanse of green in the sunshine.

Beyond them, in several shelters were some farm animals waiting to meet us!

The goats and their kids climbed up on the fences to look at us, surprising the children with their bleating.

The handlers were kind enough to hold a duck, rabbit and chicken for the children to stroke – the rabbits were very popular – “Oh it’s just so soft and cute that white and black one, I love it!” Julia and her friends spent a lot of time around that pen!

The pigs were being very lazy in the sun, so the handler opened the pen for a few children to give them a scratch behind the ears - their favourite!

Whilst looking at the chickens we heard a loud gasp – “The chicken has laid a egg!” Kairo cried. Such an unusual sight to see!

A donkey wandered around their pen getting stroked at every corner, and went back to his mummy. “He’s happy with his mummy, isn’t he?” Benjamin had been following the donkey around in a circle.

The children had such fun visiting the convent and the animals; they are still talking about it now! They have made them a lovely card with lots of drawings of animals, and are asking when they can go back again.

Georgina, one of the managers of the convent said: “It is always lovely to see the children, it’s very nice for everyone here to see them enjoying themselves!”

Emmy, Team Leader, said on the day: “Occasions like this are so important for child development – it teaches them the importance of reaching out to the community and becoming involved in a range of events. The children have gained a renewed interest and knowledge of farm animals, so it’s lovely to see the benefits of the trip!”



August 27, 2013