Ladies Free 7 Day Fitness Camp Taster Week

Learn how to burn fat, flatten stomach and tone up FAST! Starts 14th July. Only 10 places.



Starts Monday 14th July
Monday, Wednesday & Friday
6:15am, 9:30am & 7pm
Only 10 places


Ladies of Chiswick! Do you want some help burning fat, flattening your stomach and toning up so you look utterly fantastic this summer?

My name is Daniel James from Chiswick Heath and Fitness and on Monday 14th July I am putting on a free 7-day fitness camp taster week held on Turnham Green, Chiswick High Road for you to come down and try free of charge.

If you want get rid of body fat, flatten your stomach and tone up your entire body fast but are struggling to do it on your own and want some help and support in doing so then this is most definitely for you.

It is not too late to get in great shape this summer…the secrets of fast fat burning, stomach flattening and total body toning shall be yours!

At taster week I will be teaching you the ABSOLUTE essentials to burning fat, flattening your body and toning up FAST so you look and feel your best for the last few months of summer.

You will learn the best type of workouts for fat loss, what to eat to lose pounds and inches effortlessly, best exercises for specific body toning and many of my other metabolism boosting tips to get you the body you want this summer.

You will also get to find out about the full fitness camp and the 28-day body transformation plan that follows the week after. This plan has my member’s routinely dropping 6 – 12lbs in 28 days, 1 – 2 clothes sizes and considerably changes in muscle tone, body shape, health and fitness.

This could certainly be you! All you have to do is come to taster week Starting Monday 14th July on Turnham Green, Chiswick High Road.

Times are Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 6.15am, 9.30am and 7pm. Sessions are 1 hour long and are for beginners, getting back inners and people not currently getting results with their current exercise routine.

Included in the FREE taster week is…

  • 3 x 1 hour total body workouts (that give you the elusive afterbun effect so you will be burning fat while you sleep)
  • Simple food plan to follow (so eating right becomes stress free and easy)
  • Quick and health recipes book (for tasty fat burning food ideas and inspiration)
  • Daily lessons that teach you all the essentials to burning fat, flattening stomach and toning up fast
  • “Fast ways to burn fat, flatten stomach and tone up” (a free report which is a physical copy of all you learn that week to take away with you)
  • Chat with me about how to get to your heath, body and fitness goal as quick and easily as possible

All of the above is worth at least £72 and you will be getting all this FREE by coming along to taster week.

If you would like a place to come on down and try out the exercise sessions, get all the goodies above and find out about the full fitness camp starting the week after please go now to and enter your email right away.

As soon as you do I will send you full details and secure your place.

There are ONLY 10 places though and they will go quickly as the sun is out and ladies in Chiswick are all looking to get in shape.

If you want one it is best to go get it now!

Look forward to seeing you very soon and helping you look amazing in the last few months of summer!

Dan :)

PS) Here are some of our many members success stories…


June 26, 2014