(Starts Friday 1 st January Only 100 places)

(Chiswick locals are you ready to burn off xmas body fat, flatten your stomach, lose weight and tone up FAST to kick start your new year? Then join our FREE 14-day online weight loss and toning plan to MAXIMISE your body transformation success this new year!)

Hello Chiswick locals it’s Dan here from Chiswick Health and Fitness.

I hope you all had a good Christmas and don’t feel too much like a stuffed turkey! Never mind if you do because let’s face it that is what Christmas is all about!

Anyway the new year is upon us and I imagine most of you are getting ready to start your new year’s weight loss, health and fitness resolutions. I certainly am!

So as always this time of year I am putting on a FREE 14-day plan for those of you who want some extra help and support in getting kick started this January and want to follow a done for you step by step food and exercise plan that guarantees weight loss and body toning results FAST. (See previous years’ success at bottom of page).

The problem for most people starting new years’ weight loss resolutions is they end up getting no where and fall off the wagon a week or so in. Mainly because they follow bad food advice for weight loss (calorie restriction diets…destined to fail), don’t do the best type of exercise for toning and shaping up (hours of cardio …very ineffective) and plain and simply don’t have an effective enough plan in place to make it manageable and realistic long term to follow. Either that or they just lack support and slip back into old habits.

Well this is why I put on the 14-day plan for the first 2 weeks of the new year. To give you a really effective food plan that works great for weight loss / fat burning, that isn’t unrealistic, that shows you the best type of exercise to do to start toning and shaping and puts it all together in a step by step plan that is easy to follow each week and can work long term even if you are super busy. Not only this but being in a group of people gives you much needed support and motivation. The power of camaraderie is huge and you’ll be doing it with family, friends and other locals.

Sound good? Of course it does! It’s a no brainer if you are serious about losing weight and getting in shape this January.

Here is what is included in the plan this year…

- Food Plan (simple plan of what to eat, what not to eat and healthy eating out)
- Exercise plan (learn best type of exercise and get body weight and cardio workouts)
- Shopping guide (including how to plan shopping effectively and “best to worst” food lists
- Email support (14 days of step by step email coaching, daily motivation and support)
- Planning strategy (bullet proof planning strategy for food, exercise and staying highly focused and motivated)
- Recipes (breakfast, lunch, dinner and not so naughty treat ideas)
- Chiswick healthy living guide 2016 (full plan put into in an eBook for you to use all year as a reference)
- [Optional] Free 7-day pass to fitness camp (for those that want to join our exercise group)
- [Optional] 121 coaching session (for those who want personalised plan and advice)

Last year Maggie started the food and exercise plan and lost 14kg and went down to size 10 jeans. She is 59! Siobhan lost 11kg and doubled her fitness and energy. Ellie knocked off 4 inches around the waist and looked awesome for a wedding. Kieran flattened his stomach for his wedding, Sara lost a clothes size and toned up for her holiday, Mark went from 88kg to 74kg a swam a 5k charity event and many more got results like these. This 14-day plan is how it starts. All you have to do is follow it and continue to follow it!

So if you want to be a part of the plan this year and kick start 2016 in the best possible way by burning xmas body fat, losing weight and toning your body fast then get over to the website below and simply enter your name and email.

As soon as you do you will be on the list to receive the first “getting prepared” email on Friday 1st January where we all get ready to start the full 14-day plan that Monday. You will be able to ask any questions either over email or on the optional Facebook group page.

There are only 100 places though (as that’s all I can fit on my group email system) so go do it now if you are serious or you will miss out.

I look forward to helping you look and feel your best this new year!

Dan :)

PS) Don’t waste this opportunity. Be an action taker and go get your place now.


December 22, 2015