Are You In Danger Of Losing Money On Your Property Sale?
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Are you in danger of losing money on your property sale?

If you’re not doing everything you can to ensure your property stands out from the crowd and is presented at it’s absolute best, the reality is you’re in very real danger of losing money. You could actually be missing out on thousands of pounds. Just think what a difference that money could make to you.

Today’s property market is a competitive arena and your home being overlooked by potential buyers and costing you time and money is a frightening prospect. The solution is to carefully refine the decoration, furnishing, layout and overall styling in a way that has maximum impact on your prospective buyer, leaving them believing your property is ‘the one’ regardless of price. This is the art of ‘Home Staging’, spending very little to create a big difference in your sale price.

If you want to make that big difference, here are the top 3 ways from Helen Hudson of Chiswick Home Staging …

1. Make it aspirational

While we may coat our buying decisions in many layers of reasoning, when it comes down to it we buy because of emotion, because of desire. So dress your property not for how you live, but for how your target market desires to live. For every room think about what would be most appealing for your potential buyers.

For example, if you have an additional reception room, present it as an elegant dining room. This will trigger emotional buying responses like “Oh wow, we could have fabulous dinner parties if we lived here!”

If you’re selling a family home, demonstrate the kitchen as the ‘hub of family life’ with ample worktop space (no clutter!), a place to sit down and enjoy breakfast together, and room to move around without getting under grown up or little people’s feet!

2. Make it functional

This means showing every space and room fulfilling its primary function. We’re very bad at visualising and that smallest bedroom may work very nicely as an office, but your buyers can’t see that there’s enough space for bedroom furniture unless they’re shown (interestingly they can see it will fit a desk if they’re shown it can take a bed!).

The hallway is the home’s welcome mat, so make it welcoming with good light, fresh colours and the space to feel welcomed. Blessed with a utility room? Don’t present it as a storage space! And if you have multiple reception rooms, make sure they each have their own sense of purpose.

3. Make it memorable … for the right reasons!

Remember that any decorating or furnishing decisions you made, you made them for living. Now you need to make decisions for selling.

Your potential buyers should be remembering the space, the light and how good it would feel for it to be their home (see No.1, think aspiration and emotion). You most certainly don’t want them remembering “that awful red wallpaper”, for example!

Toning down and refreshing décor alongside stylish furnishings and accessories will make your property memorable for the right reasons.

Making these changes yourself can be hard work and time consuming, but help is at hand. For a limited time only Helen Hudson of Chiswick Home Staging is offering FREE home staging consultations (usually £200) so you can add thousands to your property’s value.

A home staging consultation involves visiting your property and looking room by room through expert eyes. This identifies the changes needed to maximise your property’s appeal to potential buyers, so you can step out of the danger zone of losing money on your property sale!

Contact Helen Hudson at Chiswick Home Staging on 07799 145 886



July 22, 2015