Laertis Interior Design

Kyra von Schottenstein returns with her successful interior design business

Kyra von Schottenstein was the owner of the much loved Classic Image Café’ Gallery, on the Devonshire Road in Chiswick, which sadly closed at the end of last month.

Prior to opening the Café’, Kyra firstly worked as an Investment Banker in the City, before embarking on a career in Interior Design.

Investment Banking was a demanding and exhilarating job which involved very long hours, frequent travel and conducting meetings in a number of different languages.

“I thrived on the day to day challenges of the business, but as I got older, I wanted to have more control over my life in a field where age was not a barrier. In the back of my mind, I always thought of pursuing the creative field of Interiors, where I had already had a number of experiences successfully doing up properties.

"As a result, after leaving the City, I set up my own business called Laertis Interior Design.

“I love the whole creative process of shaping a living environment from nothing or from an existing space that has not been touched for years. When I walk into a room, I can already envisage the possibilities and potential of a space shaped through colour, textures and architectural elements. Watching the transformation take place is so rewarding!”

“Many of my clients were people that had just moved home and in need of refurbishment, or a family home that had not been touched in years that needed updating. Appointing an Interior Designer is also a godsend for people that have busy work schedules and can’t possibly manage or supervise the whole process of refurbishment, which is very time consuming; where to go for fabrics, where to go for furniture, lighting, carpets etc. How many times have we heard “do you know of a good decorator?” Laertis Interior Design will manage all of this and more.

"I have had 17 years experience of project management and of sourcing fabrics, furnishings and fittings for homes and businesses in London. This experience goes beyond knowing what the latest new design is or “must have innovation.” It is knowing what is practical, lasting and good value for your home.

"The network of suppliers that I have used faithfully throughout the years to deliver high quality furnishings and fittings assures that my clients receive a commitment to detail and finishing.

"My approach has always been to pass on trade discounts directly to my clients, assuring that they have complete transparency in all transactions and benefit from the substantial savings of appointing a designer. Laertis will also manage the project, seeing that all suppliers are paid and problems dealt with. This is a real time saving device, as we know that there is a great deal of administration in any home refurbishment.

"Laertis Interior Design was slowly wound up after my husband and I bought the Classic Image Café’ Gallery. Running both businesses was too demanding of my time, and I put my heart and soul into creating an independent café’ based on the principle of quality homemade food, made on the premises. Throughout our tenure, we strived to be different in the presence of an ever-increasing “sameness” of High Street eateries.

"In the end, the exorbitant costs of running such a place plus the increased competition from a small area already saturated with coffee chains, gave us no option but to call it a day. It was a sad day for us as we had met so many lovely people throughout the years that truly impacted our lives.

"So, on this note, I have decided to return to my previous Interiors business, which also gave me much pleasure and where I still have many contacts in the industry.

Please think of Laertis Interior Design, if you or anyone you know is in need of any residential refurbishment, now matter how large or small. And if you do, hopefully I will continue to see many of your familiar faces that I had the pleasure of seeing over the years at the Café’."


April 24, 2015