Chiswick’s Cutting-Edge Pilates Studio Is Expanding

Vanessa Pearce presents exciting new classes for Autumn 2014


The London Pilates Studio

27a Fishers Lane
London W4 1RX
Tel: 020 8994 6362
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Vanessa Pearce is the driving force behind the growth of Chiswick-based London Pilates Studio, and its team of first-class instructors and premium equipment. The expansion heralds the launch of several new exercise classes in W4 including Ballet Barre and ZEN•GA™, disciplines that have migrated from New York and taken Chelsea by storm.

These leading-edge classes are more than just the latest fitness craze however. If you’ve ever longed for the slender, toned body of a dancer, these are the workouts for you. The workouts will lengthen and strengthen your muscles – and will be fun!

Vanessa has spent 15 years promoting the benefits of responsible exercise through mindful movement and STOTT ® Pilates. Working closely with physical therapists, sports medicine and fitness professionals, she is renowned for the best care and rehabilitation. The new timetable incorporating including ZEN•GA™ and Total Barre consolidates her lead in the excellence of exercise.

Vanessa’s team of STOTT-qualified instructors bring a unique combination of care and dynamism to Chiswick.


ZEN•GA™ is a blend of mind and body, supported by exercise science and the newest findings in fitness. ZEN represents the search for inner discovery, while YOGA symbolizes a pathway to reach it. When applied on the Pilates Reformer they form ZEN•GA™, which is based on Four Mindful Movement Principles: breath, support, yield and flow.

Barre Workout

Barre is a super-effective workout to get you into shape quickly. It combines cardio with signature ballet moves to lengthen and strengthen muscles for a sculpted body. This is probably why Barre workouts are so popular with celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalie Portman and Zooey Deschanel. You will get chiselled. You’ll probably get addicted too!

Reformer & Stability Chair 

This is an ingenious combination of Reformer and Chair exercises. The workout focuses on legs and torso for strength and enhanced stability. It corrects the imbalances that we inflict on our bodies in everyday life; slumped over a laptop, crouched behind the wheel, lifting children etc. and teaches people to be much more bodily aware.


New classes in physio-led Pilates for all abilities devised by our qualified physiotherapist and STOTT Pilates instructor Jenny Fowler The exercises can be modified for all abilities whether returning from injury or looking to improve performance.

Pilates Reformer and Cardio Tramp

The equipment facilitates using muscle groups you never thought you had, which strengthens your core and improves posture. It changes your shape like you wouldn't believe because you're strengthening from the inside out. The cardio element to this workout gives Pilates an extra kick getting your heart rate climbing without putting a strain on your joints.

So join Vanessa and her team of certified STOTT instructors, and discover the life-changing effect of Pilates. The London Pilates Studio is where the magic happens!



September 9, 2014