How Is Your New Year Fitness Regime Going?
Why not spice things up with an exciting class at the London Pilates Studio

The London Pilates Studio

27a Fishers Lane
London W4 1RX
Tel: 020 8994 6362
Mob: 07768 778635

This is the time of year where many of us commit to getting fitter and trimmer, which usually involves joining a gym. If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t make a move before reading on.

There’s another more flexible and affordable option - and not a gym at all, but a Pilates studio. Chiswick’s London Pilates Studio (LPS) has built up such a loyal following that it has recently expanded to four times the original size. Many locals (both men and women) have found that they don’t have to resort to starving themselves or signing up to a gym to re-shape their bodies. W4 is mad for LPS and this is why.

State of the art equipment

Admittedly, there’s no treadmill, but you can always walk or run to the Studio. There’s no pool either but if you only swim a couple of times before abandoning your gym membership - they'll be the most expensive swims of your life.

The Studio looks professional, with its bank of STOTT Reformers, Cadillac, Stability Chair, Barres, weights, barrels, balls and spine correctors. There are also plenty of matwork classes as well for those who prefer a lower-tech option.

Pilates Reformer – a safe sweaty workout

The Reformer is the workhorse of Pilates. This workout will slim and tone your body. Springs rather than weights ensure gradual and even resistance so there is less stress on tendons and ligaments. Cables, bars, straps and pulleys tighten and strengthen your muscles in ways you never thought possible. The tension is adjusted to suit your height, weight and strength. It is low-or-no-impact, easy on the joints and allows for modifications if you have injuries or conditions. 

Workouts to get the heart pumping

Add a Cardio-Tramp to a Reformer and it is transformed into a cardiovascular fun-fitness-machine, which will challenge your abs like no other. A selection of challenging workouts will allow you to run, parallel jump, do cross-country and skim moguls. You get a killer cardio workout, whilst lying down. The jumping exercises get your quads burning and heart rate climbing without straining your joints, and it’s gentle on connective tissue. This is turbo-charged Pilates!

Other classes in the timetable includes ZEN•GA and Barre workout, Power Pilates and Physiolates on the Reformer.

Take sports injury in your stride

LPS is the perfect choice for those with back or joint problems due to running, golf and tennis etc. The LPS STOTT-trained instructors, many of whom are qualified physiotherapists, are passionate about the life-changing effects of their workouts.

If you don’t go, you don’t pay

Your money goes further because unlike the gym, you only pay up when you book. No contracts, memberships or joining fees. However, many do keep returning, especially since there are discounts for block-booking sessions in advance. It’s a no-brainer when you think about it.

So if you suspect your motivation may end long before your membership, don’t lock yourself in to a gym. Give London Pilates Studio a try instead.



January 23, 2015