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It's all about YOU

You could be any age - the age of my clients has ranged from 12 to 70 years.

You could be any size, shape and ability- one of my clients has MS, another has just had two hip replacements, while others have run ultra marathons, and climbed mountains.

The critical thing is that you’d like to improve from where you are now, maybe that’s losing weight, maybe it’s to change how you look and feel, maybe it’s to train for a specific objective, race or challenge.

I can help, and make it fun in the process.

About Me

With over 10 years experience working with clients all over the world, I have now been based in Chiswick for six years. I have many clients from all walks of life, all of whom have different goals. From losing weight, to running their first 10k, or to recovering from double hip replacements, my experience is vast and with my formal education of an Exercise Science Degree, and numerous other fitness training certificates, this continued education has helped me continually enable clients to reach and exceed their individual goals. 

I work with children to help nurture their natural athletic talents, or to simply increase their self-confidence and knowledge of health and fitness. 

Food is a passion of mine, and I use this to help provide support and to educate my clients on the benefits of eating healthy, but with still enjoying a few guilty pleasures. 

I’m a Natural Cook, using only Real Food ingredients; I create and teach people how to cook this way in their own kitchen. My cooking is all wheat/gluten/dairy free but always full of flavour, and creativity, 

I bake in a similar fashion, and use these treats to fuel my ultra endurance challenges I partake in; double ironman triathlons, ultra marathons, and extreme cycling challenges are what I enjoy doing in my spare time. 

Why work with me?

Lose weight and/or increase definition to look and feel better.

Improve your running technique; train for a race, or to simply become a better runner.

Bespoke nutrition plans, healthy eating for busy lives.

Home visits, or as at small friendly gym in central Chiswick.

Real Food Baking

I also bake wheat/gluten/dairy free goodies; loafs, cookies, muffins, and slices both sweet and savoury are my favourites. So if you’re having a party, and want to have some freshly made treats without preservatives, anything artificial, or refined sugar, then let me know.

I bake for a local café within W4 currently.

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Phone: +44 7947 705 709

Twitter: @LukeTyburski






December 19, 2014