Maria Kempinska
Psychotherapist/Business Mentor/Life Guide/Soul’s Guardian

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Maria Kempinska - Psychotherapist/Business Mentor/Life Guide/Soul’s Guardian.
(MBE, MA Psyche, MBACP, MNFSH, Dip Drama Therapy)

Types of sessions
1. Purlieus is a 2-3 hours session
2. Therapy is a traditional 50 min hour.
3. Workshops in groups (private hire)

‘To look at your soul is sacred. To create a world where your soul can speak is essential. To take care of your soul is eternal.’

Types of sessions

1. Purlieus is a 2-3 hours session

2. Therapy is a traditional 50 min hour.

3. Workshops in groups (private hire)

Free 30 minute session.

MY aim as a therapist is for the clients to achieve ‘individuation’ and the therapist is the guide, the psycho-pomp, the psychological Sherpa. It is important that the therapist has been through their own therapy so that they can recognise the signs of your personal needs and not theirs known as transference and counter-transference. As a therapist I am there to illuminate and elucidate your experiences, which may be challenging, conflicting, antagonistic and painful yet ultimately enlightening. In therapy we may feel confused as to where we are going and it is difficult for the therapist to prescribe which emotions will emerge and when but they are there to shed light and contain those feelings which at times have never been expressed. That we consistently oscillate in our thoughts and feelings until we draw a conclusion on one side. This process is unfathomable and scientifically unquantifiable but can be understood by participants of therapy. The journey is one of recognising our conflicting, antagonistic, painful thoughts and feelings, which by transcending them integrates them into an enlightened awareness of oneself. Most of all Jungian therapy is not pre-determined or pre-organised it is one that evolves around the client with the healing and a spiritual intention of integrating all components both dark and light into a framework of understanding and progress and life.

The uncovering of our own psychological matrix through self reflection of our projections, introjections and blame is a long process, which at times can be painful but can also bring elation.

Loss of soul – investing in our inner world. We need a guide

This journey of self-realisation which Jung calls ‘individuation’ is life long. As Marie Von Franz says that “The actual processes of individuation – the conscious coming-to-term with one’s own inner centre (psychic nucleus) or Self – generally begins with a wounding of the personality.” It is always on going as we are constantly encountering new external activities and demands and each person is different in how they respond and what is being revealed to them. We are not static beings but psychologically evolving all the time. I believe in dream work as my dreams reveal my truth and I know that dreams represent my inner alchemical theatre, which has a wonderful evolutionary process.

1. Purlieus – Putting your life in context

A 2-3 hour session that puts your world into perspective.

We are more than what we think we see or the world sees. Within ourselves we have hidden aspects, each represented by activities, anxieties, depression and dynamics that move and are accentuated by the world around us and what we are driven to do and become and what is our story?

We have the Physical, Biological, Mental, Spiritual, Souls purpose, Family History, Social expectations, Personal Expectations, Personal Morals and Commitments, Actions, and Consequences, How do I think, am I the same, why does this pattern recur and many more aspects and questions live within us.

When we find that we can accommodate all these elements we can find our gold.

2. Personal Therapy -

(Traditional 50 minute hour)

Working with our dreams. Our dreams reflect our souls. We can learn to listen.

Jung said “In each of us there is another whom we do not know. He speaks to us in dreams and tells us how differently he sees us from the way we see ourselves.

3. Workshops:

A. Dreams and their Meaning

The dream workshop will explore the history, common themes and theories to understand the meaning of dreams. Dreams have communal and individual messages, they can be prophetic and mostly revelatory.


B. Stand-up Comedy as a Therapy Workshop

The workshop integrates stand up comedic skills with the route to identifying one’s true self. It is a process of step by step.

I believe comedy is the most useful of your, often hidden or less used, attributes. The workshop will breakdown the skills of stand-up comedy to uncover your unique comedic voice in life and on stage whilst identifying the route to your ‘self’. Learning to activate your stage persona can affect your personality but distinguishing and separating the two is key. Things said on stage maybe hurtful in life and in relationships so we can learn to master the two areas. Humour can accommodate our darker feelings.

C. Myers- Briggs Typology Who are We and How to Understand Others

I am a qualified Myers Briggs practitioner and through the Myers Briggs paradigm (based on C G Jung’s Psychological Types) I will discuss and develop healthy understanding towards business leadership. I give an overview of leadership problems, communications and conflicts in tandem with our ‘Self’. Integrating the pull push and conflicts of our personal and business relationships and the impact of the outside world.

My Background

I have studied and been personally influenced by the psychoanalytic theories mainly of C G Jung and Sigmund Freud. I have worked in the theatre, and had many other jobs such as tea girl in a factory, assistant to MD in advertising and marketing. I created and developed Jongleurs comedy brand with no money or business knowledge and developed it into a major investable company.

Running parallel to all my working life is my personal quest for knowledge of the psyche which has driven me into personal therapy and studying. I have an MA in Psychotherapy and Healing and am completing my PhD in Psychoanalysis of the comedian. The one quote that has been the undercurrent of my life was from my mother who was a prisoner of war and torn from her country and family: ‘You can only take your mind and what’s inside with you.’


September 11, 2015