Introducing OneBody
A clinic of experienced health professionals who are passionate about health and well-being
2 Heathfield Terrace
Turnham Green
W4 4JE

OneBody is an exciting new clinic in the heart of Chiswick. We are a clinic of experienced health professionals who are passionate about health and well-being - helping you to achieve pain-free living at every stage of life.

We offer Physiotherapy, Pilates, Rehabilitation and personal training, Gait Analysis, Orthotic prescription, and Osteopathy. We have a range of services all aimed at restoring and maintaining the physical health of your body. We can help you overcome pain and injury, aid recovery, and protect and prevent from pain and injury in the future.

Our Physiotherapists and Osteopaths are fully qualified, chartered and state registered, so you can place your full trust in them.

OneBody was founded by Sarah Morton, an Australian Physiotherapist now living in London. She has been involved in elite sports, and high level private practice throughout her career. She has collected together a team of exceptional like-minded health professionals.

Why come to OneBody?

  At OneBody we aim to provide personalised treatment and service that is second to none. We have experience in conditions from Sports and running injuries, to back and neck pain, through to orthopaedic surgery rehabilitation for recovery after knee surgery, shoulder surgery, back surgery, and hip and knee replacement rehab.

Our team of therapists and trainers have been hand picked to work together and provide your treatment needs under one roof.

OneBody Specialty Services

For Runners and Sports people

OneBody Gait analysis utilises force plate assessment and video analysis to analyse the whole body to get to the true cause of injury. Using the results of the analysis, a bespoke plan for treatment is designed which may involve manual physio or osteo treatment, exercise program, and orthotic prescription if needed. We prescribe Orthotic insoles directly from your force plate data, so it could not get any more personalised.

For Mums and Children

We have a specialised team working in the area of women's health, to overcome issues of pregnancy and child-birth. Whether you have issues with pelvic pain, stress incontinence, or abdominal diastasis or insufficiency, we can help.

For babies and children

From new-borns and through the childhood years, our paediatric physiotherapist and osteopath can help with issues from birth onwards. Traumatic births and assisted deliveries may at times cause issues with head shape irregularities, or with tension in the neck muscles (torticollis). And for a small selection of children, there may be growth related issues with foot posture, tendon strains, and growth related pain such as Severs Disease or Osgood Schlatters which can be helped by the correct assessment treatment and advice from our therapists.

OneBody Clinic is in a great location on the edge of Turnham Green, with a lovely clinic full of natural light, stair-free. It is a peaceful and accessible place for you to recover, improve and maintain your body's health. We are approachable and personal, and very happy to answer your questions at any time.

Who can benefit?

As primary contact practitioners, anyone is able to benefit from our services. We are qualified to be the first port of call for your muscle, bone and joint pains and injuries. You do not need a GP referral to see us. However we do have a close relationship with GPs and Specialists and work closely with them when needed.

We are recognised by all private medical insurers (BUPA AXA, AVIVA, WPA, etc) and will bill them directly for your treatment with our physiotherapist and osteopath if you have cover.

To get in touch, call us directly on 02070183980, or email us on We are here to help and happy to answer your questions.


September 7, 2017

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