Bespoke Security Service For Chiswick
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Bespoke security service for the people of Chiswick

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West4 Guardians are working with the local police to create a bespoke security service for Chiswick residents. We are aiming to deliver an ethical, community focused service to deter and lower the risks of criminal activity.

Proposed Services

Roaming patrol: Conduct slow and methodical street patrols, surveying vehicles and households for suspicious activity and criminality. Ensuring clients and their assets are safe and secured throughout the night.

Key-holding: Respond to notification of alarms, dealing with any situation and remaining on site until premises are completely secured.

Vacant Property: Receive a tailored solution, using technology or physical searches to ensure the security of your property whilst vacant.

Bespoke Services: Work with private clients to assess security risks and vulnerabilities, implementing a bespoke security strategy.



October 14, 2015