A Sparkling Smile For Christmas!

Top tips from Ravenscourt Dental Practice's Dr Hitesh Batavia

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I often get asked questions about dental dilemmas at parties. One of the most popular topics seems to be tooth whitening – now a very popular treatment.

Whitening is a process whereby tooth discolouration is “whitened” to a lighter shade. It is a safe procedure when carried out under a dentist’s supervision.

Two of the main causes of tooth discolouration are ageing and diet. For example, tea, coffee, red wine, and some food colourings can affect the colour of our teeth. As we age the dentine below the enamel surface becomes more yellow resulting in a duller smile.

Your dentist can advise as to which method will best whiten your teeth within the time frame that you desire. The result will be a natural-looking, happy, and more confident smile!

There are many myths about tooth whitening, causing confusion and concerns to people who wish to achieve a brighter smile. At your assessment, your dentist will address any concerns you may have. Below are the 5 most common myths I have come across in my work:

  • “It will weaken my teeth”
This will not happen if used as a treatment under dental supervision, rather than a cosmetic procedure.
  • “My teeth will become more sensitive”
For most people, having sensitive teeth does not mean they cannot have whiter teeth. If correctly assessed and the reasons for sensitivity established then there are specific, highly effective measures in place to counteract tooth sensitivity should you experience it.   

  • “Whitening will make my crowns and porcelain fillings look unnaturally white.”
This treatment will only whiten your natural teeth, and will have no effect on any crowns or porcelain fillings that you may have.  
  • “Tetracycline staining is untreatable.”

Tetracycline staining can result from taking antibiotics during childhood. The whitening process may have to take place over a longer period of time, carefully supervised by your dentist, but you will see pleasing results.

  • “I will get a ‘Hollywood’ smile.”

Tooth whitening will help you achieve an improved, brighter and lighter smile. If you wish to have a “Hollywood” smile look, you will need more advanced clinical procedures such as veneers.

Tips and Tricks to keep your Teeth in Tip-Top Shape this Christmas


1. How to enjoy Christmas treats!

It is much kinder to your teeth to eat Christmas treats in one luxurious indulgent go, as opposed to nibbling throughout the day. Every time you eat something, the saliva in your mouth changes from being alkaline to acidic. Sugary foods do this to a greater extent than healthier foods, such as vegetables.

2. Brush or Floss 40 minutes after eating….

Brushing and flossing immediately after eating rubs the acid into the enamel of the tooth, and by doing so you are inadvertently causing acid erosion.

3. 2 minutes twice a day keeps the dentist happy!

By making sure you floss and brush twice a day for 2 minutes each time, you will keep your teeth in tip-top shape for years to come. Think of it as the gift that keeps on giving!

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December 10, 2014