Introducing The Door W4

A truly unique private medical facility for health, aesthetics and wellbeing. Discover their launch offers. (Ad)

020 3993 4698
The Door W4,
Airedale Avenue,
Chiswick, London W4 2NW
A hidden oasis in the heart of Chiswick, The Door W4 is a brand new beautiful medical space that is now home to some of the UK’s leading health, aesthetics and wellbeing experts.

Following a multi-million pound investment, The Door W4 has been carefully designed for total patient comfort. The moment you step inside, the luxurious furnishings, bright reception area and friendly team work together to put visitors at ease. Impeccably finished, each treatment room boasts large windows and skylights, with nature at every turn.


Personalised treatment plans are at the heart of The Door W4, and your tailored experience can include any combination of advanced aesthetics, health and wellbeing services, cosmetic dentistry and more.

There’s a lot on offer, so your journey will start with a free ‘total wellbeing consultation’. In this 1-1 meeting you will discuss your desired results with an expert treatment advisor, who will then map out exactly how those results can be achieved at The Door W4. This service is complimentary, with no obligation to book.

“We take great care to understand each client’s needs, and create personal treatment
plans using our experience and this insight. We can recommend practitioners and
treatments that will complement each other to give the best result - all under one roof.”
- Kellie Lloyd, Practice Manager

To book your free ‘total wellbeing consultation’ at The Door W4, call 020 3993 4698.


  • Health - Private GP Consultations, Health Screenings
  • Facial AestheticsAnti-wrinkle Injections, Fillers, Minimally-Invasive Skin Tightening, Thread-lifts, Radiofrequency
  • Body Aesthetics - Coolsculpting ELITE Fat Freezing, BodyTite Non-surgical Alternative to Liposuction, Lanluma Non-surgical Bum Lifts
  • Menopausal Clinic  Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT), Blood Tests
  • Advanced Clinical Facials - Fire & Ice Treatment, Chemical Peels, Mesotherapy, Prescription Skincare, Cryo-Therapy Skin Tag Removal, LED Light Therapy
  • Wellbeing services   Life-coaching, Psychotherapy
  • General & Advanced Cosmetic DentistryComing Late October 2022


Many of the practitioners are cross-disciplinary, with an holistic understanding of the body
and patient as a whole. The advisors at The Door W4 have a deep understanding of this
multidisciplinary approach, and can ensure you see the right practitioner, exactly when you
need them.

Dr Julia Coelho, for example, uses the facial harmonisation approach to ensure that the
proportions of your face are respected.

“I believe that creating a bespoke treatment plan requires understanding, expertise and
experience. As a Medical Aesthetics & Advanced Dentistry practitioner, I am able to look at
the harmonisation of the face and body as a whole. For example, when working on the
smile, I can see how it will work with the marionette lines, or the chin, and set treatment
plans accordingly.”
- Dr Julia Coelho, Medical Aesthetics & Advanced Dentistry


Your wellbeing journey at The Door W4 will be personal to you. As you see results and
your needs change, the clinic is there to support you at every stage. The Door W4 aim to
form long term relationships with guests, becoming a trusted, positive place in the lives of
its patients.

“With over 40 years running health and wellness clubs in West London, we understand
that your mental and physical wellbeing are interconnected. Our practitioners work
together to help support you, inside and out, with a mix of health, aesthetics and lifestyle,
for long term positive transformations.”
- Tim Slater, Managing Director


Discover The Door W4 moments from vibrant Chiswick High Road. Nestled in the grounds
of The Hogarth Club, The Door W4 is outside the congestion charging zone and has ample
parking on site.



  • • 20% Off Morpheus8 Skin Tightening with Dr. Julia Coelho - for 20 patients only
  • Free Face and Body Aesthetics Consultation with Dr. Awfa Paulina alongside 20%
    Off Profhilo Treatments (limited time only)
  • Free 1-1 Total Wellbeing Consultation. Discuss your goals, discover your treatments
    and start your journey
  • Join the waiting list for Dentistry to receive exclusive launch updates and offers -
    Coming Soon


October 8, 2022

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