W4 Guardians Security Service
Aiming to reduce crime and protect customers in their homes


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W4 Guardians is a security service for residents and businesses in the W4 post code. Our aim is to reduce crime and protect our customers in their homes and on the streets.

The demographic of Chiswick makes the borough a target for criminality, especially burglary, car thefts and robberies. W4 Guardians offer a number of low cost services, providing increased security for our customers and their families in Chiswick, 365 days per year.

Each service can be tailored to your needs, all of which include a free personal security consultation with Richard, our Director. Our standard service includes a patrol car regularly visiting your home, with our Guardians checking your property and vehicles for suspicious or criminal activity. You will be able to see, through your online dashboard, the patrols actions and comments at your property on a daily basis.

Our Guardians will also respond to your call when needed, offering a quick reaction to any potential security threat. The Guardians are licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and are highly trained to protect our customers from crime.
W4 Guardians work with local authorities and organisations where possible to increase security and peace of mind for our customers.

Vehicle & Foot patrols offer a cost effective and efficient method of security. Active patrolling deters criminality by showing a security presence, and provides opportunity for an immediate response.
Patrolling is a crime prevention method, which W4 Guardians conduct to a defined British Standard procedure (BS7499)
W4 Guardians will patrol to each customers property throughout the evening and night, 365 days per year. The Guardians will make multiple stops and passes throughout the patrolling period, ensuring your family and home is safe and secure.

Our Guardians will also respond to calls from our customers to any suspicious or criminal activity. W4 Guardians do not carry weapons, but are trained to use necessary force, within the law to protect our customers.

W4 Guardians work with the Police and other community organisations to support the security of Chiswick residents. By information sharing and pro-active patrolling, W4 Guardians relieve the strain on the police service and community crime schemes.

W4 Guardians use an innovative system to communicate with our customers when needed.

Our customers are given a login to a personal dashboard, which our Guardians can input data and communicate with you. Our Guardian will alert you of our patrolling actions at your property, advising on potential security vulnerabilities, if observed.

These security vulnerabilities could be in the form of a window left open, overgrown foliage which could be used as a hiding place for criminals, or even items left on show in your parked vehicle.
Benefits of Security Patrols:

  • Cost effective security solution
  • Proven burglary reduction
  • Rapid response - which can be significantly faster than Police
  • Peace of mind
  • Making Chiswick even more pleasant to live in


    W4 Guardians offer a key-holding service, providing customers with peace of mind in a crisis situation.

    Key-holding is essentially the act of holding a spare key for a client. Our Guardians can respond to alarm activations on your behalf, secure your property, and even let you in to your home if you have lost your keys or locked yourself out.

    W4 Guardians operate a key-holding service to British Standard BS7984 procedures. Our customer’s keys are unmarked and stored in secure safes. This service can prevent disruption to your life, whilst providing an extra layer of security to your family and home.

    Our Guardians are fully vetted and trained professionals, so rest assured that your spare keys are in safe hands.

  • Vacant Property
    W4 Guardians offer a service to look after customer’s property whilst they are away. Whether on holiday or business, long trips or short, W4 Guardians can look after your property, checking and securing your property on a daily basis.

    Our Guardians will physically search the external, and if requested the internal aspects of your property for signs of criminal activity and vulnerabilities. If found, W4 Guardians will secure your property until your return.

    You can receive updates on the condition of your property by SMS or email. This can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, but rest assured your property is being secured by W4 Guardians on a daily basis.

    Bespoke Security Service
    W4 Guardians offer a free security consultation to our customers, identifying potentials security vulnerabilities and advising on how to lower security risks.

    W4 Guardians offer security solutions, working for our customers to ensure that the solutions are the best for their budget and most applicable to their needs. By using W4 Guardians, we can ensure that you get competitive prices with our preferred security installers.


    January 12, 2016