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Innovative new canine care service launched in Chiswick


Website: Waggy Tales
email :andy@waggytales.com
Tel : 020 8948 3987*
Fax: 0709 2865484

*Please be aware that when you phone, you will usually get a machine, as the crew will be at the daycare centre.

Please leave a message with your details and the service you require, and we will get back to you asap

Waggy Tales is the brainchild of Andrew Devis who launched the company in Richmond in 2005, with an aim to "overcome the fundamental shortcomings of most other pet care companies, and to provide a unique & superior service."

Andrew explains why Waggy Tales offers your canine companion so much more than a regular daycare service, "Most Doggie Daycare operations are run from premises that are totally unsuitable, and many of these services will leave dogs unattended while they walk other dogs, go to the shop, lunch etc.

We wanted to provide a service where no dog would ever be left unattended, and they could spend their days in an environment that was not just suitable, but perfect. We accomplished this by getting sole use of a private, fenced, 8 Acre field near Ripley. The field has a stable block, that is kitted out with electricity, running water, heating, dog beds, and the constant companionship of dog loving Waggy Tales staff members.

We can confidently say, that there is no better place for your dog to be while you are at work.

We don't offer a walking only service, as there is so little price difference between our full day service, and an hour walk service, that we don't think a walking service offers any value. We also don't think an hour walk is long enough for a dog that is home alone all day.

Our service is designed for people who work full time, or who are usually at home, but want one dog free day a week when they can do their shopping etc. And of course we get many owners who simply want their dog to have a treat a couple days a week, and have a fun day out with their doggie friends.

The really exciting news that July sees the opening of our new Chiswick Branch.

Dogs from W4 can now spend their days lazing in the sun, running, playing, and swimming at the same private daycare facility as their furry friends from Richmond.

Importantly, because Richmond and Chiswick are fairly close, in an emergency, our vans can cover for each other. So you should never have a situation where you are about to leave for work, and the dog walker phones in sick!"

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July 12, 2007