West 4 Printers Has Moved

New bigger premises off Bollo Lane allowing them to offer a greater range of services

West 4 Printers

2 Roslin Square, Roslin Road, W3 8DH

020 8993 2304


West 4 Printers, hidden away at the back of the High Road for over 35 years, has made a break for the open and relocated to larger premises in Roslin Square, off Bollo Lane, allowing them to expand the range of services they can offer

Louis and staff are happy with the move and welcomes the opportunity to bring West 4 Printers into the 21st century with access to some of the latest printing technology.

“We have provided a bespoke service to our customers over the years and have been rewarded with their loyalty,” he said. “However, we had to find a way to expand our reach and exploit the years of experience and service we have accumulated. The move to Roslin Square will allow us to provide a greater range of printing and finishing options. Whatever your printing needs, we can probably deal with it.”

The new address is 2 Roslin Square, Roslin Road, W3 8DH. Customers will still beable to call, temporarily, on our old number 020 8994 1852 as well as the new number 020 8993 2304. And the email address is the same: info@west4printers.co.uk.

If you have any questions about the move drop Louis a line louis@west4printers.co.uk.



October 8, 2012