Bailiffs Force Closure of High Road Business

All traces of American Dry Cleaning Company wiped out

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Last month Julian Stone, owner of the American Dry Cleaning Company, admitted that he had "made a mistake" open a shop on the Chiswick High Road. When bailiffs took over the premises on Friday 27th March, he was proved right.

An industry source told, "American Dry Cleaning Company is being sued by at leased one supplier for non payment of invoices. They also owe rent on the premises hence the bailiff's notice on the door and the forced closure."

The company's signage was immediately removed from the premises although it is not clear by whom, the company or the landlord.

Early Saturday morning it was reported that someone from the company had gained access to the premises and removed everything. Police were called to the scene only to find an empty shop.

American Dry Cleaning Company have been calling their customers to inform them that their garments can be collected from their Grove Park premises.

Stone established the American Dry Cleaning Company in 1990, said in a recent interview with The Jewish Chronicle that now is an opportune time for an aggressive expansion. According the the interview, the company, which has 27 high street branches, has been expanding by 20 per cent a year. Group turnover is up 25 per cent on last year and is on target to hit £9 million.

March 28, 2009