Weight Issue? No Confidence? No Energy?

Tracy Weare’s “Lose Weight Be Free Programme” might be answer you’re looking for

Free Talks take place at The Hogarth Health Club, Airedale Avenue, W4 2NW on the following dates and times:

Thursday 29th April at 7.00pm
Thursday 13th May at 10.00am
Thursday 3rd June at 7.00pm
Thursday 24th June at 10.00am


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Tracy Weare is a hypnotherapist, coach and fitness expert. She is the founder of Create Change Within and has developed her own natural weight loss programme called, “Lose Weight Be Free Programme.”

The programme is dedicated towards helping people with weight issues, from bulimia to binge eaters. Tracy uses hypnotherapy and coaching techniques to help clients get to the root causes of their eating problems. She teaches her clients how to free themselves from this controlling, self-defeating cycle so they can live their lives being more self-confident, more self-accepting and more energetic.

Tracy’s philosophy behind weight loss is that it is all about ENERGY. The more energy you have the better you feel and the greater chance you have towards doing what needs to be done to attain your goals. ENERGY is created on three LEVELS: Emotionally, Physically & Nutritionally.

You create more ENERGY in yourself by releasing FEAR, EXERCISING and following a HEALTHY EATING plan. Tracy is passionate about all 3 levels, she will help guide and inspire you to make the right choices.

If you would like to hear more about the “Lose Weight Be Free Programme” Tracy is holding FREE talks at The Hogarth Health Club, Airedale Avenue, W4 2NW. She is also giving away FREE weight loss hypnotherapy CD’s to everyone that attends. The cd will help motivate you to take the right action towards achieving long lasting weight loss.

Tracy writes a newsletter every two weeks to help motivate and educate people on how to live a healthy, energetic and fulfilling life. If this is something you are looking for please sign up, details on her website.

If you are struggling with a weight issue contact Tracy on 079 8360 7554 for a free 30 minute chat. www.createchangewithin.com


April 23, 2010