Royal Recognition For Chiswick's Iconic Bike Builders

Brompton Bicycle company given Queen’s Award for Enterprise

Further information including the history of the Brompton Bicycle can be found here.

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The Chiswick based manufacturers of the iconic Brompton Bicycle have been given a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in both the Innovation and International Trade categories.

The award in the Innovation category has been made in recognition of the continued improvements to the design and manufacture of the Brompton folding bike over many years.

The award in the International Trade category is Brompton’s second, having first received this award in 1995. The award this year recognises the consistent increases in export revenues over the past six years (up 184%), creating over 60 jobs and accounting for two-thirds of production output.

Will Butler-Adams, Managing Director of Brompton Bicycle Ltd, said "In 1995, as a fledgling company led by the inventor Andrew Ritchie, Brompton was honoured by the Queen’s Award for Export Achievement. That award gave the staff and distributors great pride and enthusiasm as it recognised the success of this London-made folding bike.

"That team, augmented by a further 90 staff, has worked hard over the intervening 15 years to turn that early triumph into a long-lasting British manufacturing success story."

He continued, "All of us at Brompton are immensely proud and honoured by the recognition of the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise in both the International Trade and Innovation categories. Our aims today remain the same as they ever were: to make great folding bikes that do everything and more that is asked of them, made here in London and enjoyed the world over."

Further information including the history of the Brompton Bicycle can be found here.

April 26, 2010