Chiswick Holiday Courses

Creative challenges for young inventors and junior entrepreneurs this Easter

Chiswick Holiday Courses

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Creative children and teenagers (ages 5 to 16). From 11th – 14th April young Inventors and junior Entrepreneurs will be resolving challenges at Chiswick Holiday Courses.

Ambitious Art projects and Robots with Lego will inspire some, whilst others will enjoy expressing themselves in Street Dance and Drama workshops. There is even a Brain Booster course!

Children who like to make things will love our Craft and Pottery classes.

Young fashionistas will channel their inner Gok on our Fashion, Knitting and Jewellery workshops.

Who knows what budding authors will emerge on our Creative Writing course or what young Spielberg we might discover in our Filmaking group?

Fun, exciting and encouraging courses, run by enthusiastic and inspirational teachers, impart knowledge to enhance our young students’ lives.

Whether it is cooking delicious food or learning to take great photographs we believe these skills will last a lifetime.

Have a look of what is on offer at or phone 0208 742 3936 for a brochure.


March 24, 2011