Reclaiming The Pavements For Pedestrians

Local trader looks to rid High Road of 'irritant' of paintballers, chuggers, 'hair boys' and a strange man wearing headphones

Pestered pedestrians been driven across the road?

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Deciding enough is enough, Chiswick trader Ala Osmond wants to launch a campaign to 'reclaim' the stretch of the High Road between Sainsbury's and M&S for pedestrians.

"I have had my business in Chiswick for five years and it is getting out of control now to the extent that I think many people actively choose to walk on the other side of the road if they don't want to be constantly pestered every step of the way." says Ala.

"And it's even worse on Saturdays! First there are the 'hair boys' that all hang around in a cluster opposite Black's asking people about their hair. Then we have the paintballers / chuggers / MacDonald's flyers /psychic fairs /strange man wearing headphones giving out cards - it is relentless!"

Ala is not alone in these thoughts, charity Oxfam believes that the rise of charity 'chuggers' seems to have scared the general public away from genuine charity workers.

"Maybe we could have a campaign with humour that will make these people realise that they are more of an irritant than anything else."

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September 9, 2009