Marks and Spencer To Park Giant Fridges in Chiswick

Refrigeration units needed to be place in car park due to maintenance work


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Marks and Spencer (M&S) are requesting permission from Hounslow Council to temporarily place two large refrigeration units in the car park near Chiswick Back Common.

They want to put two of the 40 foot units in parking spaces directly behind their Chiswick High Road store as maintenance work on delivery lifts will mean existing storage space will be inaccessible.

M&S owns the small car park behind the supermarket, which has around 10 spaces.

When the units appear depends on if any when planning permission is granted. Although permission to have the units in place for six months has been requested M&S say they should be gone in under two.

The application gives the specification for the units which states that they would make a 51 decibel noise at distance of 10 metres and would be classified as the equivalent of a loud conversation. A spokesperson for M&S told us that the only noise would be a 'low hum'. They did not anticipate that this would be audible from nearby residential properties but said that, if anyone was affected by noise from the units, in the first instance they should inform the branch manager.

August 26, 2018

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