Harley Street Comes To Chiswick

With the arrival of the Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at The Hogarth Health Club

The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

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Residents of West London can now avail themselves of the benefits of Harley Street’s reputation and years of experience in cosmetic surgery procedures without leaving the borough with the arrival of The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic at The Hogarth Club.

An integral part of the new Spa at the club, The Cosmetic Surgery Clinic has as its Medical Director, Dr Alan Kingdon, one of the foremost experts in Liposculture.

Dr Kingdon has been working in cosmetic surgery for over 20 years and has probably carried out more liposculpture procedures than anyone. He also performs all of the non-invasive treatments at the Spa together with supervising all of the pre and post operative care for all of the surgery performed by the clinic.

Dr Kingdon incorporates the latest technology in these procedures and now utilises laser technology in Advanced Laser Lipolysis. “Vastly superior to “Smart Lipo”, the whole procedure is performed with local anaesthesia. The laser breaks down the fat, the fat is then aspirated and the laser is used again to provide a smooth result with good skin contraction. And the patient can drive home afterwards”, comments Dr Kingdon.

There are a number of non-invasive procedures that can be performed at the new premises such as Botox, a range of dermal fillers for lines and wrinkles, and there is the latest IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) machine for hair removal and facial rejuvenation.

An increasingly popular non-surgical treatment, administered under local anaesthetic, is breast enlargement using an injection of Macrolane which gives an instant result. Often referred to as the “Boob Jab”, Macrolane works on the same principle as dermal fillers for the face but is a thicker gel with a slower absorption rate.

The gel used is a man-made version of the substance the body produces to fill out skin tone and lubricate joints and as such the body naturally biodegrades the gel over time.

About 100ml of the gel is injected into each breast just under the skin to gently augment and lift the breast. Designed to increase the breast by a single cup size, it also improves the shape and volume.

The gel is gradually reabsorbed back into the body over a period of around 18 months when the procedure needs to be repeated.

Consultations for all cosmetic surgery procedures are free as is the ample car parking. There is also a crèche available and, unlike Harley Street, you won’t have to incur the congestion charge!


February 3, 2009