Miriam Clegg Showcases Chiswick Eco-Chic

Lib Dem leader's wife shows ethical style at party conference

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Lib Dem Leader Nick Clegg's wife put Chiswick eco chic on the map this weekend with a shoulder bag made from ring pulls.

Bought from the High Road's Eco-Age, the silver shoulder bag made a very green statement.

Hand-made from recycled ring pulls from drinks cans in Salador, Brazil, the skilled workers have been trained by the charity Bottletop with proceeds from the sales go to programs empowering young people through sexual health education.

Bottletop is based on a simple recipe, they alleviate poverty through the design and production of environmentally friendly and ethically sourced products to support grass roots education projects which empower young people.

Their focus on quality, sustainability and local craftsmanship enables us to generate employment in poor parts of the world and create beautiful products that people want to own.




"We give people the opportunity to improve their own lives by learning skills and earning money and we invest profits back in to the community to ensure a longer lasting and more sustainable impact."

Miriam Clegg's stylish seal of approval will do much for the charity's products in the UK. Other celebrity owners include Peaches Geldof.



March 15, 2010