The Italian Connection

Eco-designers showcase their ethical fashion in Chiswick

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From Italy to Chiswick top eco-designers will bring their ethical fashion to showcase the iconic eco emporium on the High Road.

As part of 'MArteLive Festival', the Italian designers' pieces will be on show from 1st until 7th of February at Eco-Age.

MArteLive's Silvia De Vincentiis said: “As organizer of MArteLive eco-division, I am proud and excited to involve such great actors on the international sustainable scene sharing the same values about sensitivity to nature and ecological sustainability in art.

"MArteLive is proud of this co-operation path contributed as a stronger and more effective way to educate his audience in the awareness of a fashion art and a fashion market increasingly more sensitive to the issues of recycling and reuse”.

February 1, 2011