Survey Shows Wide-Spread Support For Eco-Village

Chiswick businesses and residents are keen to go green

Can Chiswick Become the Capital's First Eco Village? Take part in our survey

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The findings so far from the survey which asked 'Can Chiswick Become the Capital's First Eco Village?' show that the majority of locals are keen to go green.

We asked 'Would you be prepared to pay 10p for an environmentally sustainable bag for your shopping (e.g biodegradable, paper)?' 78% of respondents said yes they would be prepared to pay.

We asked 'Would you switch to a green energy supplier if it cost the same as your current energy supplier?' A heart warming 91% said they would.

83% of residents said that they would be more inclined to use a business that displayed the EcoVillage logo knowing they had had to meet a certain ‘green standard’ and 86% of business owners said they would be prepared to pay approximately £1 a week to recycle their waste.

Nicola Giuggioli CEO of Eco Age said, "These are fantastic results, there is obviously a great deal of support for these initiatives but now we must put that support into practice."

When it came to suggestions of other initiatives locals would like to see implemented, the same points came up time and again namely improved recycling services offered by Hounslow Council especially plastic recycling, more recycling bins on and around the High Road and encouraging businesses to use less packaging for their goods and discouraging them from using fliers for promotion.

Other suggestions included introducing electric buses, pedestrianisation of the High Road, and improved cycle lanes. However the topic of information arose on quite a number of occasions with both businesses and residents wanting to know where they could get reliable advice.

For further information on changing to a green energy supplier, biodegradable bags, recycling business waste or any of the issues raised in the survey is asked to email

November 6, 2008