12 Degrees Of Party Dresses

Journey towards perfect ethical wardrobe continues at Eco

12 Degrees of Ethical Fashion at Eco - We speak to Livia Firth about what we should be wearing and why it makes a difference


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Eco presents 12 Degrees of Party Dresses!

For the month of May, Eco will be host to the best in ethical party dresses.

Featured brands include Elena Garcia, Ciel, Edun, From Somewhere and Julia Smith, fabrics include, organic cotton, hemp silk, peace silk and recycled cotton.

Eco Age will also be hosting an event on Thursday 21st May from 6.00pm until 9.00pm when they will be asking, ‘Are you green carpet ready?’

The event will be a showcase of the most show stopping pieces for the intelligent, fashion conscious women who prefer to shop with their principles fully engaged.

Eco will also be showcasing the best in eco tech and gadgetry with their in house guru Nicola Giuggioli.


May 16, 2009