Devonshire Road Christmas Festival

Local traders say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined in last weekend

List of Raffle Prizes

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The Traders of Devonshire Road would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who joined in their Christmas Festival last Saturday.

A spokeswoman for the Traders told, "It gave us immense pleasure to enjoy a special day with so many of our customers and friends, You made a lovely day for us, we hope we made a great day for you too.

"We know you'll be very pleased to hear that buying tickets for our prize draw in support of Acton Homeless Concern, with its superb collection of prizes generously donated by many local businesses, made a real difference. It has provided enough money for Acton Homeless Concern to make Six Thousand Two Hundred and Eighty Five (yes that really is 6285) hot meals for the 250 homeless people they feed every day.

"Santa was visited by a record number of little ones this year. Not long now before he has delivered all his parcels, and, he tells us, he'll be working hard to make more little gifts for even more little boys and girls when he calls in on Devonshire Road this time next year...."

Acton Homeless Concern provides somewhere in the region of 250 meals a day as well as practical assistance and advice to people who are homeless or living in inadequate accommodation in Acton and neighbouring areas. It promotes self-help and independence to the homeless and people in need and helps advance community development.


December 11, 2009