Chiswick Residents Trust Tradesmen The Least

According to survey results released by local electricians Harland & Voss

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Chiswick residents have emerged as the Londoners who least trust tradesmen according to survey results released today by trusted electricians firm, Harland & Voss.

83% of Chiswick residents distrust tradesmen, compared to the London-wide average of 54.6%. Not only is the level of trust the lowest of all London postcodes but even more residents living in the area (84%) fear that the recession makes them more likely to be ripped off by ‘rogue traders’.

Their greatest fears (100%) are that tradesmen will be more likely to deliberately under-quote to win business and that the quality of work undertaken by tradesmen is likely to be lower to cut their own costs. In addition:

• 83% think they are at greater risk of being sold more work than they really need
• 50% worry that tradesmen will be more likely to rush jobs to move to the next customer
• 50% fear that tradesmen will be more likely to demand upfront cash payments

Electricians are the most trusted tradesmen both in Chiswick and throughout London. Residents in the W4 area are the most likely Londoners to trust ‘sparkies’ (88%), compared with the London average of 45%, more than painters & decorators (68%), plasterers (66%) and plumbers (17%). Unsurprisingly, builders don’t fare so well, distrusted by 100% of Chiswick respondents.

Despite being the least trusting of tradesmen, Chiswick residents are the most trusting of each other – people that live in Chiswick trust their neighbours’ recommendations of tradesmen twice as much as the London average (67% compared with the London average of 31%).

It is no wonder Londoners distrust tradesmen with over 35% of those surveyed admitting to having spent over £100 in the last year repairing botched jobs. It is those ‘cheap cowboys’ that consumers must be wary of, particularly during the recession when low prices are even more appealing.

The survey was commissioned by prestige electricians firm, Harland & Voss, one of the few electricians in London to hold approved NICEIC contractor status as well as membership of the Guild of Master Craftsmen – badge marks of quality, reliability and trust. The company prides itself on providing excellent customer service including the highest standards of work, itemised quotes for projects, and a loyal established team of electricians.

Arkady Granik, Director of Operations at Harland & Voss said, “The credit crunch means customers tempted to choose on cost alone are more vulnerable than ever to disreputable tradesmen. This is highly risky and any cost savings will be wiped out when poor work has to be re-done. In the long run people may well end up paying more and may have to live in an unsafe property in the interim.

“The vast majority of Londonders – 88% - are still prepared to pay more for tradesman who are trustworthy, reliable and offer quality service even in the credit crunch. Reputable companies like ours will always be in demand regardless of the economic climate. It is now more crucial than ever before that customers choose companies that provide a detailed estimate, hold a professional accreditation and offer excellent customer service.”


March 6, 2009