Marmalade Goes Green

Carbon Trust scheme helps local jeweller convert to energy saving LED bulbs

Marmalade Jewellery 23 Turnham Green Terrace, Chiswick, W4 1RG, Tel: 020 8742 1178

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In order to reduce their carbon footprint, award winning Marmalade Jewellery have taken advantage of the Carbon Trusts interest Free Loan scheme to convert all of their regular halogen bulbs to energy saving LED bulbs.

The conversion took place over one afternoon and will save the environment a staggering CO2 output of over 6 tonnes per year.

Although the initial costs of the LED bulbs is substantially more than traditional bulbs the lower energy used and longer life of the bulbs means that the investment is paid for in less than 4 years.

The installation was completed with DaylightLED a LED lighting specialist company who oversaw all the design and installation.

DaylightLED recommended a warm white light to complement the colours of the jewellery and stones.

Owner Simon Johnson told, “We are delighted with the change-over, the LEDs highlight the product better and create a much nicer sense of product focus. We noticed an overall dip in the light level initially but have subsequently installed a bit more ambient lighting to compensate and the shop now looks fabulous.

"I would recommend this change-over to anyone. DaylightLED were really professional and made some great suggestions particularly introducing some latest technology products that simply couldn’t have done the job 6 months ago.”

November 20, 2009