Marmalade Making Competition

Does your recipe have what it takes to win a £100 gold ingot?

Green Days will be held on Saturday June 12th and Sunday June 13th kicking off Bedford Park Festival

Marmalade Jewellery, 23 Turnham Green Terrace, Chiswick, W4 1RG, Tel: 020 8742 1178

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With the Seville orange season in full swing Marmalade Jewellery thought it would be nice to do something a little different.

In the lead up to this year's Bedford Park Festival, Marmalade Jewellery will be holding a Marmalade Making Competition.

To enter simply make your own Marmalade and submit a jar of it to the Turnham Green Terrace store. For every entry Marmalade Jewellery will donate £20 to the Festival charities and the winner will receive a £100 gift ingot to spend in the Marmalade Jewellery store.

If Seville oranges are you're chosen fruit, you'll need to buy them quickly because they won't be in the shops for much longer.

To encourage you, Andreas Georgiou in Turnham Green Terrace is kindly giving 25% of his profit on oranges to the Festival funds, if you mention this competition.

The competition will be judged during Green Days held this year on Saturday June 12th and Sunday June 13th.

Rules and Regulations:

1. There are two categories - 'Orange marmalade' and 'Other citrus marmalade' (ie lemon, lime, grapefruit or any combination).

2. Entries must be home-made and only one entry per person is allowed in each category.

3. Jars should be 1/2 lb - 1lb in size (around 340gms)

4. Please label the jar with category, description and year made.

5. Put your name and telephone number on the bottom of the jar (so the judges can't see them).

6. Entries should be submitted to Marmalade Jewellery, 23 Turnham Green Terrace Chiswick, W4 1RG

7. Closing date is Saturday June 5th 2010 (one week before Green Days). Judging will take place on Saturday June 12th on the Green and the judges' decision is final.

8. There is no entry fee. For every entry, Marmalade Jewellery will donate £20 to the Bedford Park Festival proceeds. The overall winner will receive a £100 ingot from Marmalade Jewellery.

January 25, 2010