Mums On Call

Flexible concierge service for the busy modern family

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To register or to join the Mums on Call team contact Lisa Barrett on

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Local mum of three, Lisa Barrett, came up with the idea of a flexible family concierge service when considering the often hectic lifestyle of many modern families.

“I love being a mum as well as working part time." she told "I also want to stay in touch with friends, go to the gym and fit in hobbies and leisure time. But this can be a tall order when you consider I only have one pair of hands and there’s just 24 hours in the day."

She continued "I often wished I had another ‘me’ on hand to help me get through my To-Do list or to have the kids for a couple of hours while I took a break or just so I could take a trip to the supermarket without the worry of a toddler’s tantrum stopping me mid-shop!”

Lisa recognised that not all of us have family nearby who can help out as and when, and often friends are in the same busy predicament as ourselves and we might feel guilty asking for a hand too often.

She knew she didn’t need a full-time nanny, but thought how great it would be to have a reliable ‘mum’ on hand, who could offer flexible childcare in your own home – or help out with family chores - for up to three hours when you need it most.

With this idea in mind and after much urging from like-minded friends, Lisa is in the process of setting up Mums on Call. From mid December you can register to book local mums with childcare experience to be that extra pair of hands you need to help give your life that balance you’re looking for.

To register or to join the Mums on Call team contact Lisa Barrett on


November 22, 2007