Che 'Growler' Lands Chiswick Company In Court

Greeting card makers Takkoda sued for copyright infringement

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Although the image has been used globally since it was taken in 1960, the daughter of Alex Korda is suing Chiswick based greeting card company Takkoda for copyright infringement over her father's iconic photograph of Che Guevara.

The image in question is a dog dressed up to look like Che Guevara and reproduced as a greeting card under the title Che 'Growler' (picture right) as part of the company's Famous Faces range.

"We photograph pets and then, with the aid of photoshop, turn them into various characters," explained one of Takkoda's founders Kate Polybank.

This particular card was created with a photo taken of a friend's pet dog in her Chiswick home but Korda's daughter failed to see the funny side of it. Diana Lopez Korda has launched a lawsuit in France saying the image infringes copyright rights.

Takkoda are contesting her claim. "We created the image ourselves and it's based on the persona of Che Guevara," said Kate.

"It's a dog for goodness sake, a humorous parody of a person in the public eye."

March 1, 2011