Apprentices Taken to the Cleaners

BBC Show films at Top Hat Dry Cleaners

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Last night's edition of the Apprentice featured Top Hat Dry Cleaners on Devonshire Road.

The scene, which was filmed some months ago, involved one of the contestants getting confused when he was unable to buy at top hat at the establishment.

The show's producers had phoned to ask to film on the premises but were told 'no' as the shop was usually too busy. However they turned up anyway.

On the follow up show - The Apprentice - You're Fired - host Dara O'Briain revealed that he was a regular customer of Top Hat.

Owner Mike Moran told us that the confusion about top hats was understandable. They used to clean top hats but no longer do due to low demand and lack of space for the blocks but they still do get calls about hiring them.

Mike said, "My parents just thought it was a name that reflected the quality of the service they offered when they opened the first Top Hat in 1967, we've changed the logo over the years but not the principle of quality first."

The appearance of a local business continues a long list of associations Chiswick has with the show. Over the last few series the contestants have often been based in W4 and some former contestants have chosen to make their home here.

May 19, 2011