Local Solicitors Celebrate Two Major Milestones

Watson Marshall marks 200th anniversary as well as 10 years in Chiswick

Watson Marshal is at 4 Castle Row, Horticultural Place.

More information about their services, and their history, can be found at www.watsonmarshal.co.uk

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Watson Marshal, Chiswick solicitors, last week celebrated two major milestones – the firm’s 200th anniversary and 10 years in business in Chiswick.

The event was marked with a party upstairs at Carvosso’s at 210 on Chiswick High Road – and proved a great success.

Watson Marshal deals with wills and probate, powers of attorney plus conveyancing and notary services. As a small, well-respected firm with a personal approach, the firm provides a friendly and sensitive, yet professional and efficient service.

Bereavement and moving house are known to be two of the most stressful experiences. Susan Davies, who took over the business in 1999, hopes that the firm’s warm, understanding but efficient and thorough approach gives clients peace of mind at times when they are already under pressure.

Since Watson Marshal was established in 1809, there have been:

• nine monarchs, including two of the longest serving;
• thirty-seven prime ministers;
• fifty general elections; and
• ten hung parliaments.

There have, of course, been significant changes in legislation including the 1837 Wills Act, which gave every adult the right to make a will, and The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependents) Act of 1975 which gave certain relatives and vulnerable dependants the right to challenge a will. The intestacy rules that apply today were established in 1925 by The Administration of Estates Act.

In terms of housing and home ownership, one of the most important acts was the 1882 Married Women's Property Act which gave married women the same rights over their property as unmarried women, allowing them to retain ownership of it rather than it automatically becoming the property of the husband.

More recently, lessees of houses were given the right to acquire the freehold under the Leasehold Reform Act of 1967; council tenants were given the right to buy their homes at a discounted price under the 1980 Housing Act; and lessees of flats were given the right to extend their leases or collectively buy the freehold under the 1987 Landlord and Tenant Act. In 1979 the Estate Agents Act was introduced to regulate the work of estate agents.

In 2005, civil partnerships became law on 5th December, one result of which is that same sex couples can make wills that give them the same inheritance tax benefits as heterosexual couples.

Watson Marshal is at 4 Castle Row, Horticultural Place – near the Town Hall. The offices are on the ground floor with disabled access to cater for people who are less mobile.

More information about their services, and their history, can be found at www.watsonmarshal.co.uk



December 11, 2009