Chiswick Dentist Swaps W4 for Vietnam

Dr Raffaella Gabassi provides free dental care those living in poverty


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Chiswick dentist Dr Raffaella Gabassi has returned from her charity mission to Vietnam.

She was part of a team organised by DDS4Kids, a non-profit health organization with the exclusive purpose to provide charitable dental care treatment and preventive dental health education on a long-term basis to children and adults living in deep poverty in the developing countries in the world.

During the trip Raffaella and her colleagues saw over 3000 children and treated more than 1800 of them to relieve pain.

"I sponsored my own trip, paid for my own travel, accommodation and expenses," Rafaella told "All donations went straight towards the buying of equipment and materials needed to help the children living in rural Vietnam.

"I want to thank everybody that contributed by bringing toys and things to the surgery, as well as making monetary contributions. I carried over 40kg out to Vietnam with me comprising of toys, pens, toothbrushes, clothes and colouring pencils and pads. These items made so many children happy.

The DDS4Kids team consisted of volunteers from all over the world including dentists, military veterans, college students, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, most of whom have volunteered on mission trips in many other parts of the world. They join together to bring the much needed dental services to the thousands of children living in rural villages in the Mekong Delta.

The team reached remote villages by car and by boat, we will get to see the real Vietnam and its people that most tourists do not have the opportunity to see.

"The best part of the trip for me is the friendship and the bond our team forms with the local Red Cross staff, with the local villagers, with the children we serve, it is the human bond that stay forever in our heart and it is what makes us want to return year after year."

March 31, 2011