Chiswick Dentist Continues Work In Sierra Leone

Raffaella's charity will be helped by David Mantle's charity run

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Raffaella in Sierra Leone in 2011

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Raffaella Gabassi is now back from her September trip to Sierra Leone and writes about her visit;

It was another fruitful one - a further 1000 children and adults have been treated.

So far the Smiling World Foundation has given out over 3500 toothbrushes, about 4000 painkillers and 1700 antibiotics and treated over 2500 people. As always, your kind donations of toys and clothes resonated with the children in a big way, forming polite but ever-shuffling queues around the suit case. 

Whilst there, the team was filmed and will appear in a short documentary televised nation-wide to Sierra Leone. This is a great step - awareness is always good. However, it is only the first step to preventing oral disease".

The child on the left in the red shirt was dying from Osteomyelitis, an infection of the bone originating from a simple tooth cavity. Thankfully, through Dr Patrick Don Davis, we were able to act fast and now he is smiling... and alive.  

The little boy above is a perfect example of how prevention is better than the cure, because although his life was saved, he unfortunately will have problems with his mandible for the rest of his life. 

David Mantle from Smilecare will be running 100 miles in aid for the Smiling World Foundation! 100 Miles!  It's called the Thames path 100, a non-stop running race along the tow-path from Richmond to Oxford. 

Through David Mantle, the children of Sierra Leone will benefit immensely. Hopefully this will encourage more of our colleagues to come forward in any way they can, your continued support is a commendable act. Please visit to see our work.

Last year in Sierra Leone

October 24, 2012