Chiswick-Based Smiling World Charity Holds Fundraising Event

Diplomats from Sierra Leone and Cameroon hear of Rafaella Gabassi's work in Africa

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Chiswick dentist Raffaella Gabassi recently held a successful fundraising event for her charity ‘Smiling World Foundation’. The event was attended by Their Excellencies the High Commissioner of Sierra Leone and the High Commissioner of Cameroon.

L to R- High Commissioner of Cameroon, Raffaella, HC Sierra Leone

During the evening, Raffaella had the chance to talk about the work she is doing in Sierra Leone, a land with only four dentists serving a population of 5.8 million and where untreated tooth decay often leads to serious, life-threatening infections. She and her Sierra Leone based team travel all over the country reaching remote towns and villages, treating and screening those who are in destitute situations.

Raffaella's daughter and a friend enjoying the event

Much effort has been put in to establish a dental therapist school in Sierra Leone and it is with immense joy that Raffaella is announcing that in September, the first eight undergraduates will start the programme. She said: “We have a container being shipped out at the end of the month containing 27,000 toothbrushes and medical material as well as rice and other donations. We still have space in the container so for those who want to help, please drop off your unused clothes, toys (not battery-operated) and shoes to White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms ”.The dental rooms are at 128, Chiswick High Road.

Talking about some of the work being done by Smiling World

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July 11, 2013