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Details from the meeting between the Chiswick Protection Group and Tony Arbour plus news of a call to arms on local transport.  

The Chiswick Protection Group had a meeting with local Greater London Assembly Representative, Tony Arbour on the 20th September.

Much of the meeting was devoted to transport related issues. To see a full review of what was said click here.

Mr Arbour updated the group on a range of issues on which he has been dealing with the relevant authorities. He explained about the background to the reorganisation of transport under the GLA. As well as dealing with the well-worn issues of the poor service on the District line and the non-existant service on the Piccadilly line he offers some hope for improvement in local bus services. For local residents concerned about noise on the District line there is a detailed discussion of this issue.

As a general point a member of the Chiswick Protection Group pointed out that more public involvement is needed in local forums. The Chiswick Area Committee meets regularly and is open to the public. Any one can address the meeting if the correct procedure is followed. At present, unless parking is on the agenda, an average of only about 10 local people turn up. Future meetings will be publicised on this site and in the newsletter.

On the theme of transport, local campaigner David Giles has called for a public meeting on the theme of transport under the auspices of the Chiswick Area Committee. The has been dominated by transport related issues just recently and Mr. Giles stated the following in a post -

"Let's have a public meeting of the Chiswick Area Committee in Chiswick Town Hall to discuss the District Line, The Piccadilly Line, The South West Trains , the buses, the taxis,gridlock, safety problems, dangerous junctions, bike lanes,pedestrian safety. Let's get Chiswick MOVING !"

Although Mr. Giles is Chairman of the local Conservatives he has urged cross party participation on these issues. If you feel a public meeting is a good idea you can contact him through the .

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