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Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School

The school was founded in 1915.  It describes itself as "well known for its friendly atmosphere and high rate of successful entry to London day schools and boarding schools."  They put the success down to a low pupil/teacher ratio and low staff turnover.  It takes boys from 3-7 and girls from 3-11.  The school operates on quite a small site and one draw back is the limited amount of outdoor play space.

How do you get in?

Apply as early as possible to the school.  The school invites in prospective parents and children but it is not a formal interview and no overt selection takes place. Eventually you will either be offered a place or put on a waiting list.  Because most parents trying to get into pre-preps in the area apply to nearly all the schools, they all appear to be very oversubscribed.  But as the schools offer out places people drop off waiting lists and your name rises.  The school will sometimes give you some guidance as to what your chances are.

Contact details


Chiswick & Bedford Park Preparatory School
Priory House,
Priory Avenue,
Chiswick, W4 1TX




(020) 8994 1804


(020) 8995 3603


Sally Daniell