More 20 Mph Zones Under New Road Safety Plan

Council has extended its plan to reduce speed on local streets


Chiswick Streets To Be 20 Mph Zones Under New Road Safety Plan

Chiswick High Road Could Get 20 Mph Speed Limit

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Hounslow Council is forging ahead with its plans to introduce 20 mph zones across the borough including Chiswick High Road. The latest published consultation, which runs until September 16th, shows that it intends to introduce Waiting and Loading restrictions in Burlington Lane, Chiswick as well as introducing the 20 mph limit to Chiswick Mall and Burlington Lane.

The Burlington Lane area under consultation reaches from close to the George and Devonshire pub, to the junction with Church Street. The Chiswick Mall area would include Netheravon Road South, British Grove Passage, Airedale Avenue South etc.

The full length of the Turnham Green area from TGT to the borough boundary, the full length of Bath Road, Flanders and Roman Roads, Lonsdale, Gainsborough, Welsted Way, Addison and Rupert Roads, Priory Avenue, Abinger Road, Priory Gardens, Prebend Gardens, Stamford Brook avenue, Vaughan Avenue and Pleydell Road will come under the plan.

The extension is partly as a result of similar speed limits to be introduced by Ealing and Hammersmith & Fulham Councils and to ensure that there would not be a 'patchwork' of different speed limits, which the Councils said would be confusing for motorists.

20 mph limits around schools will be in place by the end of 2017 but the implementation to residential streets across the borough will take up to four years.

map of proposed 20 mph zone in chiswick

Resident roads to get the speed limit are in light blue colour with main roads in darker blue

Hounslow Council said last January that a consultation which drew over 600 respondants, showed "broad support" among residents for the scheme. About two-thirds of those who responded said they approved the 20 mph limit on residential roads which did not carry through traffic, and a similar percentage supported the limit on main roads.

Chiswick's Residential Roads to Have 20 Mph Speed Limit

The move is part of a London-wide plan to curb urban speeds in residential areas. In June 2015, the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, announced his target to halve the number of people killed or injured on London's roads by 2020.

Some 175 miles of residential streets, about a quarter of London’s roads, already have 20mph limits. 20mph zones have already been imposed in residential areas in Camden, Islington and the City of London.

September 2, 2016

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