Christ Church Starts Fundraising Campaign

Need for work underlined by recent incident of falling stone


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Christ Church in Turnham Green has launched a fund-raising campaign to raise £250,000 for works on the church this year.

The Grade II-listed building, which was designed by Gilbert Scott, currently has a blue tarpaulin on the south transept roof, following an incident a fortnight ago when one of the stone crosses shattered 60 feet above the ground. Part of a cross weighing several kilos crashed into the transept slate roof, creating a hole two feet in diameter and then bounced and hit the ground. Nobody was injured in the incident

The remnants of the  cross have been examined by a steeple jack and are being dismantled. The public pathway outside the Church and  part of the curtilage have been fenced off, pending professional examination and may have to be more formally fenced.

The incident has expedited the need for work to be carried out. In the Quinquennial survey of Christ Church 4 years ago, the parish architect reported on the need for extensive repairs to the stonework and flint exterior.

The Church commissioned a full survey and specification and has have decided  to carry out all the work in 2013, to include the replacement of the galvanized metal grills and the refurbishment of the clock faces.

The work will cost in the region of £250,000. It will include replacement of eroded stonework which is currently allowing water penetration of the fabric and the mortar in which the flints are embedded. They will also sympathetically clean and refurbish, restoring some of the details of the building and removing the grime of almost 200 years. (It was consecrated in 1843 ).
The exterior design  is of cream Bath stone  with contrasting  wall facings of  blue-black knapped flint. 

The Chairman of the Fundraising Committee, Mr. John Denniss said; "We think that this project when completed will tie in with the redesign of Turnham Green and the refurbishment / cleaning of the Town Hall. Together there will be a great improvement to the amenities  of this part of Chiswick and it will help us with our community outreach."

The church is one of the most important of the local Anglican Churches and has a large congregation and a busy schedule from the annual  Remembrance service, to running a  mother and toddler group. It is currently the centre for the Winter Shelter project ( last year 50 homeless people were given night shelter and food for the 3 coldest months). Several local groups use it for meetings including "The Friends of Turnham Green" and the High Road Action Group. It is open most days  for several hours.

The Committee will be approaching various charitable bodies and Hounslow Council in relation to the project. They also hope to get public support from  local businesses and the local community. There is a Gift Aid  link on the web site "" and a sum has already been raised towards the work.

The committee hope to sign a contract in April and are at an advanced stage with the selection of a contractor.

"When completed, the appearance of  Christ Church should be greatly enhanced and this iconic Chiswick landmark preserved for another 200 years", commented Mr. Denniss.

January 18, 2013

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