Abundance Of Flowers Give Fresh Look To High Road

Hollyhocks and poppies blossom in flower-beds


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Abundance London have brightened up flower beds in the are near the car-park on the High Road by planting hollyhocks and poppies and other summer blossoms.

The flower beds are located outside Foster's bookshop and Stephen Foster has sent in these images. He commented;

"These are some excellent results of the Abundance planting on the High Road this year. They really do brighten those previously empty beds up."

image of flower bed with purple flowers

pink flowers on the high road planted by volunteers

There has been lots of good feedback and positive comments from passers-by.

Do have a look as you go by.

Abundance were also busy cherry picking in Isleworth on Saturday and collected about twenty kilos of fruit that would otherwise have gone to waste. They are always looking for volunteers to help out.

Read more about Abundance on their website


July 16, 2016

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