Baan Rama Brings Thai Style to Chiswick

Exhibition at Chiswick Business Park Launches New Venture

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Exhibition of Thai Furniture & Homewares at Building 3, Chiswick Business Park 29th & 30th January 2005 10am - 7pm


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For many years, furniture connoisseurs from around the world have held pieces from Southeast Asia in high regard, both for their use of exclusive natural materials and elegant styles influenced by the unique cultures and lifestyles found in the region. Thailand's furniture industry is one of the strongest in the region due to its superior production quality, innovative and modern styling and flexibility in material use.

This exclusive quality, style and uniqueness was the inspiration behind Baan Rama, an exciting new Anglo/Thai business owned and run by partners David and Ning.

Baan Rama was conceived when Ning noticed a gap in London’s furniture and home wares industry. Frustration at the lack of good quality items available coupled with the knowledge that such superior products where widely available from Ning’s birthplace of Thailand led the couple to look into the idea of setting up their own business.

Using their Chiswick home as a base for the time being, David and Ning invite customers for private viewings of their exquisite collections. “Our range includes authentic Thai furniture made from bamboo and teak, cutlery sets, Buddha carvings, kitchenware, silks and handicrafts.” says Ning.

Translated from Thai as “House of the King”, David and Ning believe that there is a regal and spiritual quality that permeates all of Baan Rama’s products. Notable pieces include statuettes and figurines whose design originates from the holy temples and a stunning vase made from the trunk of a rosewood tree.

David said “At Baan Rama we are passionate about the products we sell and the service we offer. Our commitment is to provide unique products from ethical sources at affordable prices. All our products have undergone rigorous quality checks to ensure that their beautiful looks will last for many years.”

Their exhibition will be held on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th January in Building 3 of Chiswick Business Park. All items exhibited will be available for sale.

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