Local Jazz Choir Seeks Singers For New Season

Benefits of singing are well proven says Addison Choir's Vivienne Graves

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Singing...good health, good company and good fun

“The only thing better than singing is more singing” said Ella Fitzgerald.

Singing is good for you. There is a growing body of research that points to the physical and psychological benefits of singing. It is an aerobic exercise that improves the efficiency of the cardio-vascular system, oxygenates the blood and exercises major muscle groups in the upper body. Endorphins are released during exercise, these are the “feel good” chemicals that give you that “lifted” feeling and a spring in your step.

Photograph by Diana Bonner (www.worldvisionphotos.co.uk)

The Sidney De Haan Research Centre for Arts and Health undertakes research with the aim of getting the NHS to provide “singing on prescription”. Their report: Choral singing Wellbeing and Health points to the added benefits from being a member of a choir:

  • It offers social support and friendship and provides a sense of wider community
  • The learning required to memorise new songs and harmonies keeps the mind active and gives a sense of achievement
  • It involves focussed concentration which blocks preoccupation with sources of worry and helps relieve stress and promotes relaxation

If you love singing and want to be part of the growing band of people across the nation feeling the benefits from choral singing, why not get involved in one of your local choirs. If you like Jazz, the Addison Singers based in West London are looking for new members. They host 2 jazz choirs, including an all female jazz choir for which no audition is required and a mixed jazz ensemble for experienced singers. The Addison Singers are fortunate to have the skills of the talented Jill Jarman, jazz pianist and composer who arranges much of the repertoire giving the choir and ensemble a unique voice.

Members from the choirs have this to say about why they are involved:

"Monday's Jazz Choir rehearsal never fails to lift my spirits - lovely people, a varied repertoire and a lot of fun along the way" Serena from Ealing

“The Ensemble music is exciting and pushes my skills every week. I love it!” Morna from Hammersmith

For their next performance they will be combining the forces of the Choir, Ensemble, a top jazz instrumental quartet and soloists to create a Jazz Club in Chiswick Town Hall with full bar, food and great music on Sunday July 7 th @ 7.30pm.

If you want to get involved, rehearsals start on Monday April 15th at the Polish Centre, 238 King Street. To find out more about this and their classes and Summer Workshops go to



April 4, 2013