New Core Stability Zone at The Park Club

Including the very latest Kinesis range of equipment

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The Park Club has introduced a new core stability training zone in their gymnasium which includes the very latest Kinesis range of equipment.

Providing over 250 exercises and movements to improve strength, flexibility and balance through an innovative tri-dimensional resistance mechanism, this equipment is truly state-of-the-art.

If this sounds daunting – it needn’t. The Park Club's team of personal trainers have all had their own extensive training in maximising the benefits of Kinesis for you.

Personal Trainer Barry Tompkins explains "For me Kinesis is a completely new natural and fun way of working out, The Kinesis design allows you to move freely with minimal interference with the body especially in thrust movements which is a key area of successful training.

"As a personal Trainer the Kinesis equipment has given me the opportunity to prescribe exercises in a new innovating way which offers unlimited movements and progressions. When working with Kinesis it is very important to Maintain correct alignment (neutral spine) throughout the movements so working with a personal trainer will be key to ensure all exercises are executed perfectly to gain maximum results.

"Kinesis can be used to create one-to-one programs to help functional training in all areas of the body, the range of exercises on these machines is simply unlimited so whether it be sports specific training, injury rehab or general conditioning these machines are for you."

As further support, the system also comes with a Visual Learning Touch Screen Pod. This provides for easy reference and visualisation of the exercises, movements and routines at any time during a Kinesis session.

To integrate Kinesis into your exercise programme, arrange an introductory session with a Park Club personal trainer and keep an eye out for group core stability and Kinesis classes in the near future too.

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February 16, 2007