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New concept in service launches in Chiswick


To find out how Elias Personal Concierge Services can work for you, contact

Raymond Elias on:
077407 03007

or email epcservices@btinternet.com

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If you thought that a concierge service was just for the rich and famous, then think again. Long term Chiswick resident, Raymond Elias, has just launched Elias Personal Concierge Services, an indispensable service for anyone who feels there are just not enough hours in the day.

Elias Personal Concierge Services - whose primary function is to provide a unique Key Holder Service - helps busy people achieve a balance between the things they need to get done, and those you would rather be doing instead. Sounds great in theory but it’s the practice which Raymond really excels at.

A solid, steadfast man, Raymond exudes a can-do attitude that immediately puts you at ease. “Finding someone you can trust to help you be more organised will make you wonder how you ever managed before! However large or small the request, sit back, and let me take the strain so that you can enjoy not only the finer things in life, but also your time!” says Raymond.

Perhaps the most evidently beneficial service that Raymond offers is his Key Holder Service which is unique to Chiswick. It is rare to discover anyone who hasn’t forgotten their keys, lost them or even had them stolen. For a modest annual fee, Raymond keeps a set of house keys thus providing peace of mind knowing, that whatever the circumstances, you can gain access to your property 24 hours a day. (It should be noted that all keys are coded and held in a safe at an undisclosed location with no reference to the property or the identity of the owner attached to them.)

A man with many strings to his bow, Raymond can also take all the stress out a house move by dealing with everything from sorting out the removal company to overseeing the whole operation from your old home to new one. 

His other services include:

  • Organising breakfast, lunch or dinner parties – these can either be cooked in your home or delivered and served in a local venue.
  • Organising social engagements, hotel reservations, theatre tickets, etc.
  • Watering plants, cleaning out the fridge/restocking it, general tidying up and putting out the rubbish.
  • Shopping for basic meal necessities for when you return from a trip.
  • Taking in deliveries, banking of cheques, collection of parcels and mail. Forwarding mail by post, or scanning and emailing it to you
  • Organising the purchase of items for your home and be on site for deliveries.
  • Organising and overseeing maintenance/repair projects on your home.
  • Pet feeding and dog walking.
  • Cleaning services – spring clean, windows, cooker, fridge, microwave, bathroom, wood work, etc.

Since launching his business, Raymond has had a number of out of the ordinary requests which has provided him with invaluable experience. He said “Recently, one of my clients had needed to call the emergency services late one night, and thanks to her purchase of the Key Holder Service, I was on hand to open her flat door for the police and ambulance services to gain entry. Sadly, she died but because of my Key Holder Service, I was able to provide details of her next-of-kin to the police.”

“Clients’ insurance companies recognise the benefit of my weekly visit to their customers’ homes. This weekly visit ensures that homes are not deemed to be empty for long periods of time and thus keeps the contents’ insurance premiums at the usual annual level rather than the level normally associated with a holiday home,” he continued.

With the element of trust being paramount to Raymond’s services, he carries out each task personally and, being a tenacious individual, always gets the best deals for his clients “Once, I managed to return a client’s present of a negligee for which the shop had refused to give a refund. I spoke to the shop’s head office and sorted out the situation. I even went to collect the £375 refund I had negotiated on my client’s behalf. Another client request was to purchase a set of Global knives, and I even managed to secure him a 20% reduction on the price.”

Raymond offers various levels of the services he provides, each with its own set of benefits. .

Astutely, Raymond recognises that his clients’ needs will vary and this is where his true skill comes in. An open minded individual, with an obvious desire to please, Raymond can create a bespoke service to suit any lifestyle or circumstances with prices starting from an annual fee of £80 for the basic key holder service.

Personal and professional references and endorsements from local clients, and business associates (including a solicitor), are available on request.

To find out how Elias Personal Concierge Services can work for you, contact Raymond Elias on
077407 03007 or email epcservices@btinternet.com

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June 13, 2006