Boat Club Plans To Party Upset Residents

Grove Park locals concerned fundraising events will disturb neighbourhood


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Residents in a leafy suburb of Chiswick are concerned that a plan by a nearby rowing club to hold fund-raising events in their premises could lead to noise and anti-social behaviour.

The University of London Boathouse on Hartington Road, Grove Park, has applied to Hounslow Council for a licence to allow live music, recorded music, dancing and alcohol seven days a week.

The licence application is for the provision of alcohol and the playing of music between 12 noon and 11:00pm each weekday, and until 11.30pm on Friday and Saturday nights (10pm on Sundays) starting on 1st May.

 They are also seeking permission for four events a year which would finish by 12.30 (with closure by 1 a.m.).These events would probably be on New Year’s Eve and around major rowing events on the Thames.

At present the club only hosts about four events a year, but it is understood they want to be able to hire the venue out in order to raise funds. Meanwhile local residents are worried that this could turn the club in a quiet residential area into what one described as “ practically a night-club”.

One woman in Hartington Court which is next to the boathouse, told that during previous events the noise had been extremely loud. She said residents had in the past kept awake until the early hours with drunken students roaming the streets and littering the place with bottles and cans.

Adam Richardson, who is chairman of the freehold company at Hartington court and a concerned resident, said that people who lived on the boatside wing of the complex would suffer most if frequent events were held.

“With the best will in the world, if it becomes a popular venue for events, the chances are there for slippage”.

Hartington court has about 100 residents ranging from elderly people to young children.

Mr. Richardson said they had met with the boatclub management to discuss their concerns. They were not against the club and had in the past tolerated the annual events but were concerned at what might result from the granting of the licence.

The grounds are on a 1.3 acre site with 25 spaces for car-parking. The club said in its application that it envisaged hiring out the facilities probably no more than 12 times a year and most would take place inside, but some could be outside events by the river in summer.

The club promised to have stewards on site to encourage guests to leave quietly if more than 120 people were present, and to close doors and windows facing the road.

Mr. Andy Murray of the Grove Park Group, said that the majority of the members of his group who lived in the vicinity of the club were prepared to put up with four events a year but objected to the club being granted the type of licence currently being sought.

In his opinion, he said the venue was unsuitable for these events as the inside had no soundproofing. Noise was also likely to affect residents on the Kew side of the river, which is in an area covered by Richmond Council. has attempted to contact the University Boat club for comment but was unable to speak to management this week.

If local residents want to make their views know, they are advised to write, email, or phone Hounslow Council Alcohol Licensing Officer and register their protest before April 21st but preferably by April 18th. The address is; Michael Fish, Alcohol Licensing Officer, London Borough of Hounslow,Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN Telephone Number: 020 8583 5141 Email:

April 15, 2012

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